Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helping Hands

Let me start my story with a Quote.. " It is better to give than to receive".. A simple sentence that have a deeper meaning. We tend to prefer receiving gifts and money from other people, but when the time comes that it's our turn to reach out, we fold. The most common gesture or behavior that we show to show that we don't have anything to share or give is turning our backs or shaking our heads. A signal that we don't have anything or we have nothing to give out. I am not saying that all people are like this, there are that we can say as exceptional.

There are people willing to give out almost anything, without hesitations and without second thoughts. There's this special person I know that have those traits. I refer to her as my Mother Theresa because for her, helping others doesn't have to be based on color, gender or race. A very strong and hardworking woman whose faith cannot be bent. She helps other people and doesn't expect anything in return. Most people would ask themselves "Why would I help this person? Did they come to my aid when I needed help?". These are just some of the questions that prevents us from reaching out.. helping others..

I am sure that I will teach my son and let him understand the meaning of that quotation. And also to make him realized and understand that we all need to help ourselves first before we can offer our help to others. In that way we can rest assured that we helped them in a way that we are not expecting something in return... Thanks Mom.. You are indeed my Mother Theresa.. =)