Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday Mass

I am a Catholic by heart.. Raised by my family to become a good catholic and most of my actions are based on religion. I attended the Sunday mass inside the Manila City Jail (Yes, the chapel inside the jail since I am a volunteer there. =)) and I have noticed a big difference when it comes to their service. I hate to say this but SOME church-goers should be ashamed of their behavior inside the church. Of all the days that we can do our texting,  chit-chatting and showing off our Casual wear, why pick Sunday? Some people are guilty of this inside the church, Yes.. inside the church.. Instead of devoting their time praying and saying thanks for the everyday blessings, they wanted to talk about their dates, gadgets and the latest clothing inside their closet.

Prisoners and their family spend the whole hour worshiping and praying inside the chapel. No talking, no phones and no fancy clothes to wear (I forgot to mention that they all wear the same uniform, but if they have "special clothes" they are allowed to wear it on Sundays.). I can clearly hear what the priest is preaching and was able to concentrate on my prayers. Do we have to be prisoners in order for us to respect the house of the lord? Yes we do have choices and free will but are we really practicing it in a good way?



I wanted to become a better person, a good father, a good partner, a better brother, a better uncle and a good friend. As I reflect tonight, there are many questions that have been racing inside my head. What would have happened if I didn't make the decision I've made in my life? Would I have been different? or would I've been worst? I am so lucky to meet the person who made me the person that I am. My wife opened my eyes about the truth and showed me that there's a world outside my room.

I have confined myself inside my room for such a long time that I seldom see my friends anymore and spend time with my family. There are times that I really wanted to go out and meet other people but I'm afraid of what would be their reaction/s when they see me. I really don't care on the way I look, but let's face it.. there's a slim chance of getting a date if you are not GOOD looking.. The days where you can be funny and witty on a date are over and now you have to be handsome and a little rich to have a date. It's a little sad but it's a reality. We are living in a time where everything changes rapidly and there's no room for errors. Relationship come and go and for some reason we are the one in charge of the outcome. We are the one who will write the book and the chapter of our life and no one can dictate that. I am proud to say that when I decided to settle down with my wife, I didn't have any regrets and I love her so much. Some people say that you cannot live in love alone but for me love should be the foundation of your relationship.People say that you need to look for your love.. I stopped looking because I have already found it.. and she's now my wife..

My early relationship with my wife was really something, in a good sense. We have a unique connection and I cannot believe that such woman really existed. She understands me and loves me for who I am and supports me in all my decisions. When we talk over the phone or via the internet ( Hah!! who said long distance relationship doesn't work?), we are in our own world. We share the stories of our life and reflect on them. She's one tough woman, the only woman who express what she want and openly say her opinion/s. I respect her and love her so much that I cannot live without her.

God loves us much that He gave us a very special gift... A SON.. We may not have all the riches in the world and the material things to satisfy our whims but as long as we have each other, I know it's already a blessing. I keep on telling other people, specially my friends, NEVER stop loving their partners. Relationship is like a two way street and if your partner keeps on going on detours, it have to stop.. it has to be repaired.. and worse comes to worst... close it.. No one can manage a relationship on their own without any help from their partners. It's impossible and it is not healthy, emotionally and physically. I am not saying that I have a perfect relationship but what I have is an IDEAL relationship. A kind of relationship which means, for me, I only belong to that person..

I love you Heather Ann Silverio and I am yours forever.. =)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Society now accepts tattoo as a fashion statement. Some wear it to look like a bad ass, some for fashion, some for hobby and some because of its meaning. I have several Tattoos in my body and some of them have a story to tell about me. It's kinda funny that people still consider tattoo as a Taboo, that only ex-cons have the right to wear them. There's a huge difference between prison tats and the tats we have but both art have the meaning and reason why it marked that persons body. 

I would like to share some of the tattoos I have, only those that has a very important meaning:

Dream Catcher on my left arm: I've always have nightmares when I was young so my Brother made me a little dream catcher and explained what it does. So when I grew up, I decided to have a tat of it so that I will always remember my brother and it's a sign that my nightmares comes to an end.

Wolf Paws on both my arms: This is a valentines gift for my wife. Some hubby gives flowers, chocolates or vacation. I  gave her an image that we both love, The Wolf.. One wolf looks a little fierce which represents me and the other one is more feminine with a blue eyes which represents my wife. When I am feeling sad or out of line, I just look at the blue-eyed wolf and it calms me down. 

Totem Pole on my right fore-arm: This represents my Strength, Wisdom and Knowledge. 

Bio-mechanical Tattoo on my right shoulder: This represent how I am attached to technology. I admit that I cannot leave or start working on something without my phone or MP3 player. 

Angel of Death on my back: This was a gift of my tattoo artist for my birthday almost 4 yrs ago. I chose the angel with a scythe to remind me that death always follows us everyday and it is just waiting for us to make that mistake.

I think I still have 12 more to describe but the 5 tats that I have described are my favorites. I am worried that when my baby boy grows up he will ask to have a tattoo.. I think I need to talk to my wife about it. 

My friends asked me the reason why.. Why what? what have a tattoo? It's a personal choice. It doesn't have anything to do with influence, fashion or trending. It is my personal choice. Some people are saying that I am vandalizing the house of my soul, which is my body. Well I have a simple answer for that.. I am not disrespecting it, I am just painting it. =).. 

That's it for now.. =)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Untitled poem....

"looking into your eyes leaves me in a dazed.. like looking into the stars that always keeps my amazed..

"Your smile always takes my breath away, i would like to hold you in my arms and there you will forever stay..

"You have a face of an angel that came from the sky, I always thank the lord for answering my prayers and forever you will be mine.


I am excited on what to write.. actually having mixed- emotions right now.. Undecided how should I begin or  what topic. I am happy that in my 31 yrs in this planet, I have met a lot of people. Different kinds of people everyday and I managed to learn a thing or two from them. It is amazing on how you can relate yourself to other people's emotion/s and sooner or later you'll find yourself entangled with their problem. There are people who will just use you for their advantage, for vengeance, for fun and for whatever damn reason they can think of. Other people who really needs help will just be shoved to the side because you are already confused of who really needs help or not.

I managed to stay on the side who wants to hear what people would have to say. Whether they are just going to make a fool out of me or they really want to share their problem. I have to listen.. I have to.. I need to.. I mean it's not because I am intrigue or curious, its because I am hoping I can help them. I think I have a Messiah Complex.. I need to save all that needs help in my own way. I am blessed that I have met friends who respects me as a person and values what I say to them. I call them my ANGELS.. They may not be the angels that you thought as described on books (actually they are the exact opposite hehehe) but they bring joy and happiness in my life. These 3 persons represents the majority of the people around us..

A. Saint - Patiently waiting for a shattered relationship to become whole again. Sacrificed a lot of things for the sake of love.

B. Loudmouth - Will say anything and everything that comes into their mind. Doesn't care if they hurt the other party's feeling.

C. Blind - Doesn't see anything but love. Does not listen at all.

They respect me and in return I respect them also. No matter what other people say about my angels, I don't give a damn. They are my friends and that what's important.

I guess this is how my first entry would be.. How about you? what kind of people have you met lately?