Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 weeks..

Some people can wait ages for something important to happen. Me, I have to wait for for 8 weeks.. Yes... 8 more weeks before my son is born. I am happy, proud and thankful that God gave us one of His angels. I know that soon, very very very soon, I will be able to join my wife in the US and another chapter of my life begins.. as a Father.. as a Husband. I am not afraid nor worried because I know I made the right choice marrying the woman I love very much, Mrs. Heather Ann Silverio. 

Me and my wife always wanted a child and we don't care about the gender as long as it is healthy. I ask myself, Am I going to be a good father? I always look up my dad as my role model, but I will need to leave the negative sides of him. I will be a provider for my family, A good partner for my wife and a role model for our child. 

I guess as early as now, I got to start getting a little fit because I know we are going to have a very active, healthy and bright little Kapono on the way. My wife always tells me that they have a HUGE yard.. which will become our child's track-course/ play ground.. a lot of area to cover and with my body right now? Our son would be making fun of me because I will be huffing and puffing running after him. Me and my wife loves nature, specially the beach or water.. Although I don't know how to swim, I am pretty sure my son will be a good swimmer like his mom. Regarding languages, I will teach our son Tagalog which is my native language. I can't wait for him to talk TagLish.. hahaha!! He will be one smart, God-fearing and respectful kid. 

Everyday I pray for the lord to keep my wife, our son, her family and mine, our friends and relative to be safe and to receive countless blessings. In 8 weeks another chapter begins in my life.. And I am Happy about it.. =)

Friendship and Principle..

Friendship is one of the important thing in my life. It is such a big deal on what my friends think, say and share about me. Some of my friends tell me that I am a little over protective in a lot of ways. Of course, I can be a rabid beast when protecting my friends but I am gentle when hearing their problems and comforting them.

When a bad news is shared to me.. I tend to keep it to myself.. I will try to stay calm.. I will try to understand.. I will try everything and anything to convince myself it's just a bad joke that sooner or later I will forget all about it. Some things are just too hard to accept, specially when it involves what you believe in. Although there's nothing that you can do to make it go away or just let it pass, I can assure you that everything will change. Change is good.. I believe that people can change in a lot of  ways but for a single reason. Whatever that reason is, I don't care.. As long as I know that I can still be a friend that they can count on. Here comes the part where I have to weight and measure friendship and my principle.. If you are in my position, how would you handle it? I can't be happy and sad at same time for something that I don't agree with. I will stand on what I believe..

Honestly, I don't know how to handle certain situations which involves my friends and my principle. I don't know where to stand and whether I will need to bend my own rules to give way.. I can't just ignore it because I know for a fact that everything will never be the same again.. Did it come to a point in your life where you will need to sacrifice something? a lose-lose situation? I know I may look bad in writing this but I feel that it's happening right now.. Do I need to cut the ties I have with a friend or do I need to ignore what I believe in just to be a good friend? I am confused... Some people would just continue what they're doing and just accept that it just happened. .. Again, It happened.. for a reason..

Now, which is more important? Friendship or your own principle?