Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 weeks..

Some people can wait ages for something important to happen. Me, I have to wait for for 8 weeks.. Yes... 8 more weeks before my son is born. I am happy, proud and thankful that God gave us one of His angels. I know that soon, very very very soon, I will be able to join my wife in the US and another chapter of my life begins.. as a Father.. as a Husband. I am not afraid nor worried because I know I made the right choice marrying the woman I love very much, Mrs. Heather Ann Silverio. 

Me and my wife always wanted a child and we don't care about the gender as long as it is healthy. I ask myself, Am I going to be a good father? I always look up my dad as my role model, but I will need to leave the negative sides of him. I will be a provider for my family, A good partner for my wife and a role model for our child. 

I guess as early as now, I got to start getting a little fit because I know we are going to have a very active, healthy and bright little Kapono on the way. My wife always tells me that they have a HUGE yard.. which will become our child's track-course/ play ground.. a lot of area to cover and with my body right now? Our son would be making fun of me because I will be huffing and puffing running after him. Me and my wife loves nature, specially the beach or water.. Although I don't know how to swim, I am pretty sure my son will be a good swimmer like his mom. Regarding languages, I will teach our son Tagalog which is my native language. I can't wait for him to talk TagLish.. hahaha!! He will be one smart, God-fearing and respectful kid. 

Everyday I pray for the lord to keep my wife, our son, her family and mine, our friends and relative to be safe and to receive countless blessings. In 8 weeks another chapter begins in my life.. And I am Happy about it.. =)

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