Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deep thoughts..

There are times in our life that we tend to ignore the small things around us. Unknowingly, this small things tends to build up and just burst in front of our face. When things like that happen, we are on the blindside and we have no idea how worst the situation is already is. We all try our best to resolve or at least identify the issue but like a wild fire, it's a little too late to extinguish it. A little too late, but still we can do something about it. We come up with all kinds of tactics and rationalization to solve or at least have an idea whats happening. Some say that Time heals everything.. in most cases it does.. but not to some. Sometimes time suppresses things or situation like a pressurized can thrown into a fire or put inside a microwave oven. Even though time already healed the wounds, the scars remains.  I guess we just need to take extra care to prevent the scar from being opened again.

It never occurred to me that I will be in a situation that I would give up or thinking of giving up. I used to be optimistic but there are times that I don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. All I can see is darkness, slowly consuming me.. Clouding my thoughts and bringing my greatest fears into life. It's like running on a treadmill and there's no slow-down button or stop button. In other words, I would just stop functioning.

It may take some time for us to completely recover from this experiences. If were lucky, a day or two or worst, longer than that. The bottom line is we need to be strong and believe that everything will alright. Believing is the key.. Trust is the keyhole.. and love is the huge door..

A close friend of mine ask me to write something happy or funny. I will definitely write my happy thoughts soon.. Soon my friends.. very soon.. =)

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  1. you werent kidding about deep thoughts! Sometimes its advisable to lance those suppressed psychic scars so they dont fester but that can only be done when we have funded the development to strengthen us when we do, otherwise they simply overwhelm us again. I have a great admiration for your tanacity Bogs, and your openness is a very good quality!