Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I see the world through the lens..

When most of the people owns a DLSR camera or a digital camera in layman's term, I own a toy camera   which is still an analogue. It's really an old school camera which still uses a 35mm film and a 120mm. For me, its really not about the type of camera that you use, but it's more of the idea or concept that you can capture. A click here and there and you'll never know that you have caught a priceless moments of other people. 

There are some culture who believes that when their pictures are taken, it also captures their soul. The only thing that we capture is their smile and that special moments. I consider myself a newbie for this kind of hobby. Nevertheless, I am doing this for my Son and Wife. They are my special subject and models. I can't wait to take pictures of them or a picture of us altogether. Some people may not see the significant or get the idea of my shots but in my heart and mind, I saw something through my lens when I took that shot. 

A group of fellow enthusiast invited me to join them. Being an amateur, I am very honored to join them. Honored and excited.. =) I know for a fact that I would learn a lot from them to improve my skills ( Skills?! Do I really have one? hahaha) I am a frustrated photographer and I love taking picture.

This picture was taken after our lunch in the office. Lunchtime  for us is really a time to joke around, vent out and most importantly share each others point of view.  

This was taken at Robinson's mall. A goofy friend and a very cool mom is an interesting subject.

My Mom.. Talk about tired and hungry.. Thanks to a quick meal at a fast food, it made her smile again.

Peek-a-boo mom.. hahaha!!

After a long day of work.. finally.. homeward bound.. Even though we are all tired, we can still smile in front of the camera.

I am happy and I can say very attached to my camera. I always bring them with me whether going outside for a walk, to the mall to buy something and even when I go to the office. Some say that taking a picture of a person without their permission is considered rude,. For me, it's capturing their moments where they can show their true form.. as we all say the HUMAN inside of us.

That's all for now.. =)


  1. Nice post bogs ☺
    As long as every picture you take paints a smile in your face and in your heart, then you're good to go. Keep on capturing memories ☺

  2. nice one kuya bogs! iffollow kita! keep shooting! ~mimai